York, UK

Cities Known for Their Food

York is a UK city that is well worth visiting. Not only is it renowned for its long history and beautiful architecture, it is now also one of Europe’s best cities for eating out. A recent poll has placed York above other, more famous, cities in terms of its culinary attractions. This comes as no surprise to the millions of visitors who flock there every year, as well as to the locals, who have long known of York’s culinary secrets.

One of York’s greatest attractions is its history, which is still visible all around the city. Founded by the Romans, York had become an important settlement by the second century AD. The next major invaders, the Vikings, arriving around 866 AD, made York their capital and there is much Norse influence still evident. The Middle Ages saw York grow as a centre of commerce, culture and religion, culminating in the building of the famous York Minster, completed in the 1470s in a process that had taken over 200 years. Over time, York’s importance has waxed and waned but its historical journey has made it a popular tourist destination.

York has many interesting museums showcasing its long history and it’s easy to fill your days immersed in the past merely by walking around the streets. It’s not all history though. Shopping is fantastic, with well-known high-street stores interspersed with smaller local speciality shops. There are many lovely shops in the Shambles and around the warren of narrow streets surrounding the Minster. There is also an open-air market that is open daily, offering all kinds of knick knacks and local produce.

And let’s not forget the food. After a day spent sightseeing or shopping, what could be better than enjoying a really special meal? Food in York has become so important that an annual food-and-drink festival in the city attracts over half a million visitors. The range of food on offer is one of the most attractive aspects of the cuisine available in the city.

The three best restaurants mentioned in the poll cover French, Thai and Italian food. This is not to say that local cuisine does not feature. There are plenty of places offering English food, both traditional and contemporary. What unites all the eateries in the city is the use of fresh, local produce, as well as the warm welcome you are guaranteed wherever you choose to eat. And for those who find it hard to decide when they are so spoiled for choice there is even a tour agency offering the opportunity to dine in four different restaurants in one night. You can choose a theme such as historic York and your guides will take you to four top restaurants to sample the fare. A visit to York will really give you something to get your teeth into!