Why Teach Abroad

There are so many benefits to teaching abroad. Below are the most common reasons the international school teachers and ESL teachers we recruit say they enjoy their life overseas so much.

Job Enjoyment

  • Close-knit Community – Because of the adventure and experience of a teaching job in a foreign country, a strong bond and sense of community develop among teachers overseas that you won’t likely find in your home country.
  • Small class sizes – Enjoy your teaching job more with the small classes characteristic of all international schools as well as ESL or English schools.
  • Multicultural students – The international composition of the student body and their unique contributions to the school will make your teaching job more interesting.
  • Teach in English – No foreign language knowledge is necessary because all classes are taught in English. However, we always encourage you to learn some of the local language for maximum job enjoyment.

See the World

  • Travel – One of the main reasons teachers make the move to teach overseas is the opportunity to travel – budget travel, luxury travel, adventure travel – whatever you want. Imagine visiting the Egyptian pyramids on your winter break, or climbing Mount Everest with friends.
  • Experience new things – Learn a new language, cook authentic local food, try some kangaroo meat (tastes like chicken), help build a home for a refugee family – these are one of a kind experiences that open up new horizons and broaden an individual’s perspective on the world.


  • Low Expenses – With teacher housing and many other expenses taken care of by most schools, most teachers have a healthy disposable income to save or spend.
  • Tax-free salary – In most locations a teacher’s salary will be free of local taxes. And, for many home countries, including the U.S., the government permits a income up to a certain amount to be exempt from home country taxes, leaving more money to travel with or save.

Career Building

  • International experience– Living abroad and experiencing another culture gives teachers (and anyone) a more unique outlook on life and a keen appreciation for the world outside their home country. Employers recognize and appreciate this.
  • Career advancement – Many schools give the teachers they hire a stipend to further their skills through continuing education or other career supplements.