Who Teaches ESL Abroad

ESL Teachers Abroad

Teaching the English language in a foreign country may sound very difficult, but if you can speak English than you can teach it also. Whether you are a recent graduate, a retired teacher, or simply would like to travel, than you can teach English abroad.

There are many benefits to teaching English as a second language (ESL). Teaching English abroad is the perfect job for someone that strives to explore the world, earn an income, and wants to help make a difference in the lives of others. If you are looking to do something different with your life, then ESL may be exactly what you need. There is a wide variety of people that choose to teach the English as a second language in a foreign country. Here are a few examples below:

Students or Recent Graduates as ESL Teachers

The truth is that the economy is very difficult at this moment. Because of the job market there are many, many students and recent graduates applying for a small amount of job openings, and there is a chance that your education may become wasted until we rebound from these trying times. This is one of the reasons why ESL is a great opportunity for students and recent graduates.

Currently Employed K-12 Certified Teachers

It is not only a great idea for the unemployed, but there are many currently employed professional teachers whom choose to teach English abroad. There are many more opportunities for someone who has previous teaching experience. It may be that your current job or city is boring you and you would like a change of pace, or you may be looking for more of a challenge.

Retired Teachers as ESL Teachers

After making such a large contribution to the world through teaching for so many years it is easy to see why a retired teacher may strive for more. Teaching English abroad may be exactly what a retired teacher could use to fulfill their life. There are many opportunities for retired teachers because of all of their experience.
To teach ESL you do not have to fall into one of these categories: “If you speak English; you can teach English”. And if you have the passion to travel and explore then you may be able to benefit from an ESL job abroad.

ESL Teaching Qualifications

ESL teaching requirements are not as stringent as teacher requirements for international school teachers or nanny teachers. In general ESL teachers must meet the following requirements:

  • Native English speaker – ESL teachers must be native speakers of English (it can be as a second language). This is due to requirements by our client schools.
  • Bachelor’s degree – A four year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is required and additional certificates and degrees are always desirable.
  • Some experience* – Teachers must have at least a few months of experience teaching ESL to children or adults, whichever you are intend to teach overseas.
  • Flexibility, creativity, and enthusiasm – all of these qualities are essential to successfully living and working overseas.
  • Excellent references – Teachers should be prepared to provide two references – one from an ESL teaching supervisor and one from a peer teacher.
  • A TEFL or CELTA certificate – is also required for ESL teachers. A TEFL is quite easy to get and native English speakers can do so online. A CELTA or TOEFL certificate are harder to get (they take longer and can only be done in person) but do carry more prestige.

*Don’t have ESL teaching experience? You’d be surprised at how easy ESL teaching experience is to get… if you live in a English speaking country you will find that many churches, schools, and civic organizations are always looking for volunteers to teach English to foreigners.