Teaching in Private Schools

Become a Teacher: Teaching in U.S. Private Schools

What Are Private Schools
Unlike public schools, private schools in America are not administered by local, state, or national government. This means that the school can select whom they would like to attend their school. Since there is not any government funding the parents of the student must pay tuition. One way to cut costs to the student is by giving scholarships for academics and sports.

There are different kinds of private schools in America. Most private schools are based upon religion, but some are “prep schools” that say they are preparing your child for a better future. Prep schools say that the tuition costs are higher because you are paying for better teachers then what your child would receive in a public school. Also, they generally have smaller classroom sizes and therefore your child will receive more one on one time with their teacher.

Why Teach in a Private School

In America, race and religion have become the main reasons for the building of public schools. In the 19th century there was a lack of the Catholic religious viewpoint in public schools, and so they created a non-government funded educational system. These are still available today and are the majority of private schools in America. Upon the desegregation of schools in the mid-1950’s there was a need felt by people in the South to form Christian private schools. These are just two examples of reasons private schools were built so that a group of people can govern the way that their children were taught, and in what environment they were taught in.

An example of a non-traditional public school is the charter school. The Charter school is an independent entity, but it also receives funding from public money. Although they do benefit from funds from the public they are not subject to the same rules and regulations of public schools. Charter schools maintain this by having to produce higher results than traditional public schools. Charter schools are publically funded and cannot charge tuition, but they are an alternative to public schools.

Do Private Schools Need Teachers Now?

Yes. There is always a need for private school teachers. A very good job for a college student planning to become a teacher is at a private school. Private schools do not require teachers to be certified. Therefore it becomes a nice entry level position for college students looking to find work. Because of the lack of certification, the pay is usually less for private school teachers than for teachers in public schools. This causes a bad turnover ratio and leaves job opening readily accessible for new teachers.

Where Are Private Schools Located?

There are private schools located throughout the United States. Private schools are mostly located in urban areas, and have become increasingly popular as the trend of violence in public schools incline. This does not mean that there are only private schools in urban areas, because there are many private schools in suburbs and less populated areas.