Teacher Testimonies

Teacher Testimonies – What Teachers Say About Educators Overseas

Here’s what teachers are saying about Educators Overseas. Read exactly why teachers love our services!

“I will just start off by saying that Educators Overseas has been and continues to be amazing. The process of being placed at an international school was easier than applying for a teaching position in the states. You offered immediate and valuable responses to all of my e-mails and questions. I highly recommend your services to other teachers seeking international positions.” — Shelly Sanders, teacher from the U.S. teaching in Africa

“Within two weeks of deciding that I wanted to teach abroad in an international school, I was hired by a school in Dubai, UAE. The only way this this was made possible is due to the expedient, professional and friendly service provided by Educators Overseas. They provided me with the information and the opportunity to see what is out there for me, then acted as liaison between myself and the school, ensuring that I received the same support from the school. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Educators Overseas.” — Erin Wicker, teacher from Canada teaching in the UAE

“Educators Overseas are the only reason I am living and teaching where I am. I would recommend their service because much of the work was taken out of my hand. I knew I had an impartial company working on my side if I had questions about going overseas and I felt the school wasn’t giving me the whole story.” — Tiffany Harris, teacher from the U.S. teaching in Morocco – read about her experience abroad here

“I would definitely recommend teaching abroad through Educators Overseas. Teaching overseas was something that I always wanted to do, but really had no idea how to go about it. Once I started the process of job searching, I felt overwhelmed and had no clue where to begin. I also wasn’t sure how to differentiate between legitimate schools and scams. Finding Educators Overseas took away that unknown factor and put my mind at ease. After filing all of my paperwork with Educators Overseas, I was immediately contacted by schools. I found my first overseas job within 2 weeks. Another thing that I liked about Educators Overseas is that the schools contact you directly. There is no third party to hinder the process—they just introduce teachers and schools. Whenever I am explaining about Educators Overseas, I joke and say “it is like a dating website for teachers and schools. They make the introduction, but it is up to you to build a relationship from there.” — Kate Birbilis, teacher from the U.S. teaching in Malaysia – read about her experience abroad here

“I would recommend anyone considering teaching overseas to go for it! It is an opportunity that will change your life. Every time I go home I recognize how much I have changed. Although I am a Christian, living in a Moslem country I have grown spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I have also grown professionally. Educators Overseas is an excellent choice because they provide personal support from the interview stage, to the hiring phase throughout employment. During my two year contract with my first school, I was in constant contact with Educators Overseas. Although I was initially terrified of teaching in Saudi Arabia, my contact’s sincere and honest approach put me at ease. She answered all of my questions regardless of how ridiculous. She also introduced me to teachers who were already successfully working in Saudi Arabia. Not many other recruiting firms provide that type of personalized service.” — Roselyn A., teacher from the U.S. teaching in Saudi Arabia, read about her experience abroad here

“Educators Overseas was always available and prompt in answering any questions I had (either via e-mail or phone); excellent customer service. They provided me information and websites about the area and the schools that I interviewed with. The information was very helpful. I have enjoyed working with everyone and the process was very rewarding! Thank you!” — Kimberly Kilchenmann, teacher from the U.S. teaching in Mexico

“Educators Overseas offered a very professional service and were able to answer the myriad of questions that one has when contemplating making such a huge life decision. They made the transition to China as seamless as possible and were constantly checking in to see how I was progressing. Even 2 years down the line an effort is made to re-connect. So yes, I would certainly recommend them to others!”– Nic Iliffe, teacher from South Africa teaching in China, read about his experience abroad here