Teacher Bill of Rights

An International School Teacher’s Bill of Rights

Below are an international school teacher’s “Bill of Rights”, as adapted from it’s creator, International Schools Review. Educators Overseas supports the teacher’s Bill of Rights and asks that teachers inform us if they perceive a serious breach in these articles on the part of a school recruiting teachers through Educators Overseas. Although we are not at liberty to get involved in teacher/school disputes, we will not do business with a school in gross violation of these basic teacher rights.

Teachers have the Right to Accurate Information

  • Candidates’ questions are answered honestly during the recruiting process.
  • School housing, if offered, is clearly represented by photos and written descriptions at recruiting time.
  • If teachers are provided with health care benefits, a copy of the policy is available.
  • Promises made verbally are disclosed in writing, including all expenses and materials that will be reimbursed, class size, after-school activity expectations, number of class hours per week, how salaries are paid, personnel development allowance and how to receive it.

Teachers have the Right to Ethical Contract Practices

  • Teachers are presented with the final wording of their contracts at recruitment time.
  • Contracts for foreign-hires are in English and shall not require interpretation.
  • Contracts completely delineate a teacher’s duties and benefits.
  • No other contract can ever supercede the contract signed by the teacher.
  • Employment handbooks are available and outline policies referred to in the contract.
  • Teachers have access to an up-to-date salary schedule at recruitment time.
  • Teachers may take up to 48 hours to accept a contract. During that time the school guarantees the position’s continued availability.
  • When a host country requires a contract in the host-country language, the school guarantees all statements in the teacher’s English language version.
  • Renewal contracts are presented far enough in advance so that teachers may decide not to sign and still have ample time to take the necessary steps to recruit for the next school year.

Teachers have the Right to Work in a Safe, Supportive Environment

  • The school will make every effort to insure all teachers work in an environment free from bullying and harassment from administrators, students, parents and/or teachers.
  • Teachers are supported by administration when confronted with individuals acting outside the bounds of acceptable behavior. Agendas not beneficial to the school/school-community are not permitted.
  • Teachers are provided with the material support and initial orientation required to successfully do their jobs. Non-educator managing directors do not interfere in educational matters beyond their expertise.

Teachers have the Right to Participate in a School-Staff Association

  • A School-Staff Association is in place and has a genuine forum for negotiation with administration. Teachers have freedom of speech without fear of reprisal.

Teachers have the Right to Assistance with Transition into the Host Country

  • All teachers are assisted in making a smooth financial, cultural and legal transition into the host country.
  • Passports are held only for the purpose of visa renewal and are returned upon request.
  • Teachers are supported and protected, to the extent possible, by school administration against authorities and/or individual members of the host country who wish the teacher harm (possible imprisonment, travel ban) for no justifiable reason.

Teachers have the Right to a Transparent and Impartial Evaluation Process

  • Teacher evaluation is transparent and as impartial as possible. Visiting accreditation organizations are invited to incorporate a review of fair teacher compliance. Teachers are never dismissed arbitrarily and are given due process.