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Teach English Abroad: Why Get ESL (TEFL) Certified?

If you are a native English speaker you can become an accredited ESL teacher in a matter of weeks!

Who needs a TEFL ("Teacher of English as a Foreign Language") certificate (or a TOEFL certificate or, even better, a CELTA certificate)?
  • Non-working partners of K-12 teachers can make themselves and their teaching partner more marketable with a TEFL certificate.

  • Bachelors degree holders who are not certified primary or secondary teachers can teach ESL overseas with a TEFL certificate.

  • Primary and Secondary (K-12) teachers who want to bolster their resume and impress schools with the additional ESL accreditation.

Do I need to know the language my students will be speaking to teach ESL?

No - when students learn from a TEFL instructor, they learn quickly by being fully immersed in English. Your course at i-to-i will teach you how to get your students talking and improving their English in no time at all.

Is a TEFL certificate required for ESL teachers to teach Abroad?

A TEFL certificate is required in most cases for ESL teachers. And, while it is not required for K-12 teachers it is highly desirable. And with the online TEFL course we recommend you get a free trial run, so you can try before you buy.

Since TEFL certificates are not difficult to earn, consider working toward one while waiting for a teaching position overseas.

Online ESL Certificates

Thanks to advances in the quality and methods of online education, a TEFL certificate can now be earned completely over the internet. You can earn your TEFL certificate completely online or at convenient locations around the US and UK. Request a Online TEFL course - free trial today and start teaching abroad next month!

Most importantly, Educators Overseas will honor a TEFL certificates from i-to-i . Certificates from other programs may require additional verification.

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