Step 2 – Teaching Certificate

Become a Teacher: Teaching Certificate

Teaching Certificates and Your Salary
When considering whether to go on to get their teaching certificate, some people might shy away from teaching as a careerdue to the belief that the average salary for a teacher is fairly low. This is a common misconception, as in many states a new teacher starting out will get paid just as good if not better as starting salaries in other fields. Yes, some of the higher paid teacher salaries in the United States are over $50,000 to start.With summers and holiday vacations off teaching is also the ideal job when raising a family, since your teaching schedule will mirror that of your children. And if you teach at a private school your children might even get a discount on tuition.

The Real Benefits of Teaching

But more important than the money, you have to want to do whatever job you are doing and teaching is no different. Remember that teaching isn’t all about the money, but rather the feeling that you get when you teaching. Many teachers describe teaching as so fulfilling because not only are you helping a group of young people learn, but you are making an impression on them and helping to mold them into model citizens. Who doesn’t remember a favorite teacher from their youth?The feeling of helping students learn and become better people is so overwhelmingly wonderful many other professions cannot top it.

Next Step: Teaching Certificate

Once you have our BachelorsDegree, preferably in Education, you’re ready to get a teaching certificate. This is often done in conjunction with your Bachelors degree and is often something your school will help you do through your college’s state. If you are interested in teaching in another state, you’ll have to get your certificate on your own through that state’s agency. The http://www.certificationmap.comwebsite can help you, as you simply click on a state of interest and learn all about teaching opportunities and requirements for that state, from salary and vacation to requirements for traditional teaching certificates and alternative routes to teaching certificates.