Step 1 – Bachelor Degree

Become a Teacher: Step 1 Bachelors Degree

The first step to teaching abroad, or in fact teaching most anywhere, is to get your Bachelor degree. While some countries, states, or schools accept teachers who have a Bachelor degree and have majored in something other than Education, most employers require their teachers to earn a Bachelor degree in Education.

Bachelor Degree in Education

Most Bachelor in Education programs take four to five years to complete at a traditional college or university. Your Bachelor degree in education will provide you with the standard liberal arts education of a regular Bachelor degree, as well as a firm foundation of teaching knowledge and expertise. During the first two years of college, you will likely take many of the same prerequisites and larger lecture classes that most students take, but in the last years of your college career you will take specialized upper-level education classes.

What Your Education Degree Will Teach

Education programs stress both the content and pedagogy of teaching. For the content of teaching you will master the skills and internalize the information you will later teach your own students. And for pedagogy you will learn and practice the art of teaching, from its psychological underpinnings to practical considerations. You will also undergo a teaching practicum whereby you go into an actual school and participate in a class as a sub-teacher under the tutelage of the class’s regular, experienced, certified teacher.

Bachelor Degree is a Must

Even if a school does not require a Bachelor in Education, you MUST have a Bachelor degree in something. In addition to being a general requirement for a teacher’s certificate and a teaching job, earning a Bachelor degree offers three important yet general benefits, which employers consider very valuable.