Private school Pay & Benefits

Become a Teacher: Private School Pay and Benefits

Traditionally teachers at private schools do not make as much money as their public school counterparts. In fact, it was found in 2006 that public school teachers averaged a 61% increase in salary compared to private school teachers. This shocking statistic can be very surprising to some. It seems that the private schools would have the teachers with the higher salary, but unfortunately for the teachers in private schools this is not true. The average salary for a private school teacher in the United States is around $30,700.

Why Teach in a Private School

There are many reasons why teachers still choose to teach in private schools over public schools. Some of these reasons are better behaved children, smaller classroom sizes, less regulating done to them and their curriculum, and they get better results from their students.What private school teachers lack for financial benefits they gain in most other avenues of educating. Some examples of these benefits are:

  • Private school students have higher achievements. According to NCES data, 88 percent of private students apply to college, compared to 57 percent of public high school students. Reports from the College Board indicate that SAT scores for private school students are well above the national average.
  • Private schools are safer. Private and public school teachers did a study and were asked questions about what they perceive as serious issues inside their schools. Private schools teachers did not think that there was nearly the problem that public school teachers did. For example, 17% of public school teachers believed that students were disrespectful. Compare this to the 4% of private school teachers and you can see the life of a private school teacher being a lot less stressful than the life of a public school teacher.One of the most shocking statistics is the amount of gang activity in the public school system. In 2001 over 21% of children in public schools surveyed that they are in a gang. Compare this to the 4% of private school students whom said they are in a gang and you can see how children and faculty alike are less scared of violence, and more focused upon education.

Insurance Benefits of a Private School Teacher

Before committing to a school for their base salary you should also consider insurance benefits. If you are making more, but spending double that amount out of pocket for insurance, then maybe that option is not best for you.

Insurance benefits range from having none to having full health, dental, and eye insurance depending on where the private school is located. The range of salary and benefits are going to depend on the tuition costs that the students’ parents have to pay for their child to get their education.