Pour-qoui j’aime Paris…

Why do we love a city? Here are a couple of reasons…

Why I love Paris?

Is this a question? Definitely not!

Actually…it might be…if I were a philosopher. However, I am not.

Today I’m just a normal guy who has arrived a few hours ago in Paris. I am here for like the 110th time. And it feels the same as ever: good…nice…warm…cool…it’s Paris.

“Et c’est difficille d’ecrire….”

Yes! It is incredibly hard to put down my feelings about Paris in English. But today I will do it. Paris deserves to have its words written in English today.

So….why I love Paris…

After my arrival, I didn’t have the time to feel why I love Paris. But I did! I’ve loved it every single minute. The first French words sounded in my ears … “bonjour monsieur…” and the music came along.

Hm…I’m losing myself in endless reflection and I’m chasing myself away from any practical aspect of being in Paris.

But Paris is not practical. He isn’t practical at all. Paris means feelings. Deep and intense feelings, which is what I am doing right now. I am feeling Paris. Very deeply and extremely intense.

And it comes to me like a ray of light that has the guts to cast upon Paris. I love Paris for the feeling with which

he dares to strike me every time I am here…