Online Teachers or Tutors

Teachers, or anyone who can talk to others in a meaningful way and would consider themselves and “expert” on something, can be an online tutor and tutor children and adults – anywhere in the world.

Who Hires An Online Tutor?

Parents and students around the globe who want extra help on a certain subject, but don’t want to leave the comfort of their own home, can to meet with teachers and tutors online via Skype. Families without access to adequate schools or who live an a remote area will often employ the services of a online tutor for their children on a weekly or even daily basis. Or, parents hire an online tutor for a child with special educational needs that their local school system cannot meet. Online tutors are an affordable way to for families to give their children the very best education possible, no matter where in the world they are.
While online tutors can teach in any subject, most internet based tutors are hired to provide a family with the exceptional educational benefits of one-on-one instruction in an 100% English speaking environment.
Or, for a more structured group teaching format parents will join together to hire an online tutor for all their children to teach one or more subjects. For example, several families in India gather together and are taught regular classes by an online tutor.

How Does an Online Class or Tutor Session Work?

If an teacher was hired by a group of families they would be teaching a number of students of similar ages and abilities – the students would be in one place in front of one central computer and the teacher would talk to them all at once via Skype – like teaching a mini class. If there is just one student, the teacher just acts as a personal tutor – answering questions, helping with whatever they need help with, guiding them through a tough subject, or even teaching an entire subject.

How Much do Online Tutors Get Paid?

The going rate for online tutors is between $10 and $20 per hour. It generally boils down to supply and demand. Online English tutors get paid around $10 an hour, while math, science, engineering, and robotics tutors get paid around $20 an hour or more. The more teaching experience teachers have, the higher degrees a teacher has, and the more tutoring experience teachers have, the more a teacher or online tutor will get paid.

Can I Be an Online Tutor From Anywhere?

Absolutely! The benefits of online tutoring include being able to conduct classes from anywhere in the world that you happen to be… provided there is internet access. A beach in Belize, a mountaintop in Switzerland, a rooftop in Nairobi, etc.

Can I Be an Online Tutor While Also Holding a Teaching Job?

Absolutely! Some schools and countries restrict you from tutoring local students (due to work permit and visa restrictions), so being an online tutor from anywhere is a great way to supplement your income.