London pubs

No cultural experience is complete without a beer…

…And this is not more true anywhere else than it is in London.

Here going to a pub is not just a means of spending the leisure time, but a way of creating history and culture. And for the foreigner, it’s a means of experiencing what is traditionally known as the UK pub culture.

The English pub, by its original name of public house, is the place where people meet to socialize. It is the place where locals go to exchange opinions and gather information, to have fun and a drink with the friends, to chill after the hard day’s work or to watch the football game. Then, the pub is also the place where the foreign visitor interacts with the local Englishman on an informal manner.

Pubs are virtually everywhere; in all cities, towns and villages and can be found on almost any street. Intriguingly enough, you will even find a pub in a plain field. So then how are you to know which pub to go to? Here are three places worthwhile your time and beer money:

  • The Mayflower pub is located in the old part of London at 117 Rotherhithe Street. It has been enchanting people for over three decades and it represents a popular tourist attraction.
  • The Bree Louise, at 69 Cobourg Street is one of the high quality pubs in central London, renowned for the hospitality of the staff and the great variety of beers served.
  • The Nightingale Pub at 97 Nightingale Lane is one of the newer pubs, not so much popular as it is not known. Yet, it is worthwhile mostly due to its location in an old English house.