Nanny Teachers or Tutors

Homeschool Teachers or Tutors

Teachers, or anyone with childcare experience can serve as a live-in nanny (also called an international tutor or governess), for the children of a family or for a small group of families.

Who Hires A Homeschool Teacher or in-home Tutor?

Families that travel frequently or live overseas in remote locations, without access to adequate schools, will often employ the services of a homeschool teacher or in-home tutor for their children. Many parents who have children with special education needs use in home teachers because the school system may not be able to provide the accommodations required to meet the child’s unique needs.

Sometimes international families who move around frequently for work will hire a homeschool teacher while other families choose to take a year break from their regular life and travel around the world for a year, living in different countries. In both instances the teacher would travel with the family as a traveling teacher, providing the student’s sole source of schooling.

It is safe to say that private international tutors are hired for the primary purpose of providing the children with exceptional one-on-one instruction and attention that they would not receive in an ordinary classroom setting. An in-home tutor would generally provide instruction in the Western curriculum within an English speaking environment.

What Does a Homeschool Teacher or Tutor do?

There are two basic scenarios for homeschool teachers. The most prominent is the one in which a single family employs the teacher to meet the educational needs of their child/children. The second, and less frequent scenario involves the homeschool teacher working for a small group of families in which the students would be of similar ages and abilities, as you would find in a small classroom setting. However, in most cases the private tutor will be teaching a child or the children of one family and students would then vary in age and educational ability.

Educators Overseas works with curriculum suppliers to bring the best K-12 curriculum to the child. In most cases, the curriculum taught is an accredited and recognized international distance learning curriculum. This curriculum provides credibility to the student’s primary education when he or she is being considered by international universities.

What is the difference between a “Homeschool Teacher” and a “Nanny Teacher”?

Most of the opportunities available for homeschool teachers internationally are strictly teaching positions. There are, however, some families who seek a combination nanny and teacher. This individual would be involved in the care of the child as well as being charged with serving as the teacher. Most of these positions are live-in and the pay increases commensurate with the work load and scope of duties.

Contract for Homeschool teachers

Benefits for international tutors are generally the same as those for teachers in international schools, including salary and housing (a room and either a private or shared bathroom, usually in the same home as the family, but a private apartment can often be negotiated). Airfare to and from the city of assignment at the beginning and end of the contract term and the homeschool teacher/tutor will likely also have access to transportation or use of a car.

Although the contract length for private tutors is generally for one year, many families seek someone who is able to extend their contract for several years, assuming the initial tutoring experience is satisfactory to all involved.