Getting a Bachelor Degree

Become a Teacher: Getting a Bachelor Degree

Why go to a physical university or to college to get a Bachelor degree at all? Why is it even a requirement for teaching or other careers? While some people might think it unfair to have to have a piece of paper in hand to “prove” your worth in a certain career (most all careers today), the fact remains that Bachelor degree holders enjoy priority job opportunities and salaries in most every industry today. Why is this so?

Besides the general knowledge you’ll learn for your major (such a teaching), getting a Bachelor’s degree holds certain important implications over someone with a High School or secondary school diploma, an Associate’s degree, or even someone who has started their Bachelor’s but not finished it. The same goes for those who have received their masters of education online.


The first benefit of a Bachelor degree to the degree holder is that it is a concrete testament to your perseverance. Yes you can display perseverance in other ways, such as climbing a mountain, hiking across the desert, or serving in in the military for several years. But employers are concerned with your mental abilities and standards, not your physical acumen, and in terms of perseverance of your mind, there is nothing quite like a Bachelor degree, although building a business or raising children (successfully) for a number of years with no payback at all, might compare slightly.In any case, getting up daily or nightly and trudging to class and studying on and off for several years (commonly 5 years today) with no solid pay back until perhaps the very end (you don’t get paid for studying, you don’t get a pat on the back every time you pass an exam, etc.) requires the utmost perseverance and determination. Employers believe that someone who has completed such a long and arduous task is more likely to persevere in problem solving or remain loyal to their employer in the face of difficulty, when it would be easier to give up.

An Open Mind

In a Bachelor degree program you will learn about ideas and perspectives that are different than what you grew up with. Whether you agree with the other ideas or not, you will gain a different perspective on situations, having learned about the viewpoint of other people or other governments. This perspective gives you a more open mind and also allows you to become more flexible in your thinking and to think outside the box, offering employers a valuable sense of creativity.

People Skills

Working on your Bachelor Degree for several years in a University will require you to interact with many different types of people. It requires you to work with difficult people on projects, to ask for help from people you might not normally be friends with, or to speak in front of people even when it might be uncomfortable. Successful Bachelor Degree students learn to get along with everyone, especially those in authority over them (their professor!). This level of people skills kept up at a high pace for several years, gives most college graduates an invaluable level of people skills.