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Getting into an excellent college instead of just an average one can make the difference in your having an excellent career, and an excellent salary, or just an average one.

To get into an excellent college in the U.S. you must have good scores on the ACT and SAT tests. The better your ACT and SAT scores the better your chances are at acceptance into the college of your choice and the more opportunities you have for scholarship money.

Because good, or better yet exceptional ACT and SAT scores are so important, these tests should not be left to luck or to the hope that you'll have a "good" test day.

ACT/SAT Prep Class -> Good ACT/SAT scores -> Better College -> Better Job and Salary -> Better Life

Taking an ACT or SAT prep class is nothing less than a requirement for a good job and good life.

Even if you are the smartest kid in your school and you're certain you'll blow the ACT or SAT out of the water you should still consider taking an ACT or SAT prep class. Why?

  • Because the tests are timed you'll need to know how to best to pace yourself and you'll need to know in advance if you can afford to spend an extra 5 minutes on one section or if you need to save it for a harder section later.
  • Because the tests aren't structured like normal school tests, knowing what to expect in advance will save you critical minutes because you won't have to wonder what's coming next or what they meant by x, y, or z.
  • The structure of the ACT and SAT tests will require you to make trade-offs between two answers that could be correct. Learn how to make a smart "guess".
  • The content of the ACT and SAT is often not like normal subjects you've learned in school. Insight into some of the obscure topics you might find on the test will give you an added advantage.