ESL Schools

ESL Schools in Asia

The world is increasingly global and English continues to persist as the world’s global first language. As businesses expand and foreigners travel around the world the demand for English teachers to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) increases.

There are many ESL programs around the world. University intensive English programs are typically hosted by universities and colleges and are intended to assist students as they try to develop their intellectual side and as they attempt to expand their academic experience. Private Language Schools can also offer IEP and are directed at students who are not necessarily concerned about learning English and who also focus on learning more about cultural values.

In comparison to University based IEPs, IEPs located in Private Language Schools are more diverse and provide students with a wider range of programs. This is owed to the fact that students attending these courses are likely to spend shorter periods of time abroad and to be more interested in the interactive part of their experience.

ESL students receive instruction in several environments, mainly depending on each individual’s experience with English and on the educational institute’s policies. Students can be pulled out from regular classes in order for them to be able to attend personalized instruction in ESL classes, can be taught ESL during normal classes, or can learn ESL in a Resource Center holding many accessories that can assist them in being taught more efficiently.

ESL Schools in China

ESL schools in China are plentiful. For over two decades, native speakers from the West have traveled to China to teach English. However, in the past several years, the number of ESL schools has shown exponential growth. There are several types of ESL schools, including public education, private school, university/college level, as well as private language schools. However, the highest concentration of job opportunities is at the private language schools. China is a competitive society. Everyone is trying to get into the best schools and provide their children with the best opportunities for their children. Having their children learn English, helps them get a “leg up” with society. With that being said, private language schools are supremely popular in China.

ESL Salaries in Asia

The salary package for any English teacher abroad will depend on a multitude of variables, such as the experience of the teacher or the resource availability of the hiring institution. Still, at a general level, estimations have been completed below of the salary packages offered by some of the more popular destinations of English teachers. While Educators Overseas does not place teachers in all these locations and individual compensation will differ, this will give you an idea of what to expect as an ESL teacher no matter who you teach through.


    Country Monthly Salary Airfare Health care Teaching hours per week
 1. Cambodia 101,500 KHR Seldom included Sometimes included 25 – 30
  2. China 4,000 – 10,000 CNY Usually included Sometimes included 30 – 40
  3. Hong Kong 12,000 – 40,000 HKD Sometimes included Sometimes included 30 – 40
  4. India Volunteer – 50,000 INR Sometimes included Sometimes included 25 – 40
  5. Indonesia 6 – 15 million IDR Sometimes included Always included 25 – 40
  6. Japan 225,000 – 300,000 JPY Seldom included Seldom included 25 – 40
  7. Korea 1.8 – 2.5 million KRW Always included Always included 25 – 40
  8. Laos 4 – 6.5 million LAK Seldom included Sometimes included 25 – 35
  9. Malaysia 3,000 – 11,000 MYR Always included Always included 25 – 35
  10. Nepal Volunteer Not included Not included Flexible
  11. Taiwan 45,000 – 80,000 TWD Sometimes included Sometimes included 20 – 35
  12. Thailand 25,000 – 55,000 THB Seldom included Sometimes included 20 – 30
  13. Vietnam 15.6 – 39 million VND Seldom included Sometimes included 20 – 35