Croatian Beaches

Now Who Says There Are No Sandy Beaches in Croatia?

It’s true; there are only a few of them. As you probably know, Croatia is rocky, so the beaches are rocky. But there are some sandy ones too. You just have to know where to look for them.

One of them is in Malinksa, on the western coast of the Krk Island. This is where we’ve been, and left deeply impressed. The beach is managed by a private institution, in charge of keeping it clean and safe. I should mention that the sand here is not actual sand, but more like really small fine stones. You can rent a long chair for the whole day, for approximately 155 Kuna ($30, at the exchange rate of January 21, 2010). Another sandy beach is in Baska, also in the Krk Island. This beach is probably the most beautiful and popular beach in Croatia, and it has even been included in several international tops of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

A third sandy beach is the one on the Lopud Island, in the Dubrovic region. Sunj, as it is called, differs from Baska and Malinska, which are both laid at the bottom of mountains, as it is laid at the bottom of forested hills.

An agglomeration of sandy beaches is found on the Rab Island, the largest of them all being the Paradise Beach. Unlike most beaches, this one is not with pebble or any small rocks, but with fine sand.

As a final thing, you should know that the sandy beaches are more populated than the rocky ones and it can get really crowed. With the rocky beaches however, you will have no problem finding a secluded place.