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The number of attractions in China is great and this is a country where cultural and historical sights blend well with beautiful natural landscapes. With that in mind, giving an overview of sights and attractions in China means trying to choose among attractions that are often just as beautiful and worthwhile to visit.

However, there is a definite triad that you should not miss if you are in China, especially since they are situated relatively close to one another and can be done without additional time spent on traveling to a different region. The first attraction not to be missed is the Forbidden City in Beijing, north of Tiananmen Square (which you can also see in the process). A UNESCO site, this has been the official residence of Chinese emperors from 1420 to 1912 and that is probably the least impressive thing about it. Others include hosting 9,999 rooms and having a total surface of 720,000 square meters.

Next on the list of must-sees is the Great Wall in China. Built across 5,500 miles to defend China from invaders at different periods of time (part of the wall was built more than 2000 years ago), sections of the Great Wall can be accessed from Beijing on a one-day trip, including by taking a public bus. The Badaling Section is closest to Beijing, although this advantage comes with a throng of tourists as well.

Finally, the Terracotta Warriors is an army of life-sized statues that were buried with a Chinese Emperor of the Qin dynasty in 210 BC, more than 2000 years ago. The uniqueness of the site is given by the fact that all facial and body characteristics are different from statue to statue, everything gaining a vivid representation of real life. The Terracotta Army Museum is located in Xi’an, about an hour flight from Beijing. An overnight stay in Xi’an is advisable, since the museum offers numerous opportunities, including visiting several pits where the warriors were discovered.

Simply listing other important sites in China does not pay proper respect to these attractions, but you will certainly benefit from a visit to the Potala Palace in Lhasa, in Tibet, (formerly residence of the Dalai Lama) a stay in Shanghai or Hong Kong, for a full taste of modernity in China, or from a trip to the Karst Mountains, one of the most renowned sceneries in the country.

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