Brussels Best

What to see in Brussels

To Europeans, especially to those in the European Union, Brussels represents a formal place of gathering, one in which the most powerful European minds come together to develop and implement regulations. Yet, aside from being the capital city of the EU, B

1. The Atomium

The Atomium is a 335 feet high monument made form steel and dating back from 1958; it was designed by architect André Waterkeyn for the first World Fair after the world wars. The monument connects nine spheres, all of which are opened to visitors, and which can be reached with the aid of an elevator, and from where you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view. The Atomium is open from Monday through Sunday between 10 AM and 6 PM; the entrance rate for one adult is of 11 euros ($15).

2. The Océade

Should you happen to be in Brussels during the summer season, do not miss the Océade. It is one of the largest and most popular subtropical aquatic parks. It is most fun during the summer, but know that they also have indoor pools and that the experience can be a real treat for the entire family. The entry rate for an adult is of 15.50 euros and of 12.50 euros for a child ($21, respectively $17).

3. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

And for a complete cultural experience, you should see the four museums which make up the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium – the Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Meunier Museum and the Wiertz Museum. Rates and opening hours vary, so you should gather some information before going.